Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sicky, Sicky

I just wanted to drop in quick and say I'm not ignoring my blog on purpose. I have been super sick the last week or so. Haven't been off of the couch since last Thursday. I found out yesterday I have pneumonia. I am on antibiotics and using every bit of my energy to get better for Stamp NE this weekend. Wish me luck!
I will be back after the weekend.
Don't forget Spring will finally be here on Friday! Yahooooooooo!


Tracey said...

Oh no!! {{{HUGS}}} hope you feel better!! Hope you're well enough to have an AWESOME time this weekend!!

Melissa Bickford said...

Molly, feel better SOON!! I hope you are better by can't miss SNE!! ((hugs))

Joanne B. said...

Was SO fun to meet you this weekend. Loved your swaps. Always love making new bloggy friends!


zoesimm said...

hope you are feeling better...can't wait to hear about your big weekend!