Monday, February 23, 2009

How many days till Spring?

Even though we got nailed with snow last night, today I found a small glimmer of hope that spring might soon arrive.
Then Jason informed me that robins stay in Maine all winter!
Well, ba! humbug! to you to buddy!


Tracey said...

kill joy, that Jason ;) This is a BEAUTIFUL picture Molly!! hey -- you are planning to go to CKC in May, right? I can't go to stamp NE :( but am hoping to make it to NH in May-- would be great to see you again!

Anonymous said...

So I suppose you think making a card with a bird on it , one day , helped that robin find his way to your back yard , the next .?? silly girl ,, If you want to know when the birds are back ,get a cat !! They find birds whenever their around . :) I've got a couple cats you can take home this weekend . See ya then . XO Dad

Susan said...

What a gorgeous picture! We got slammed and our power just came back on late, late last night. I want to see green and spring and summer colors! Well, I'm off to stamp in a little bit. Got some cute Magnolias and one of the new Whiff of Joys to put together. Too much fun on a snowy day!

Karen Motz said...

This photo is beautiful!!! Did you take it? It's amazing! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I notice you're going to Stamp NE...see you there! :)