Monday, December 22, 2008

No time to blog..

Why is it that this time of year is so crazy? We know it is coming.. it happens every year at the same time.. we have an entire year to prepare for it. And somehow there is never enough time prior to the Holidays.

I have been super busy and sick. Both my Jason and I came down with a nasty head and chest cold just prior to the weekend. Nothing major but it sure has knocked us on our rears for the last few days. Keeping our fingers crossed that the kids don't come down with it this close to Christmas.

Then there was the 16 or more inches of snow that we got last night. I did so much shoveling today that even the dog gave up and came inside before I was done. I am not complaining though, there are people in New England that still do not have power from the ice storm 10 days ago. I am just not used to the much snow all at once.

Needless to say there has not been much time for blogging lately. And it is not looking like there will be any time until after the holidays. The next two days are full of last minute shopping, baking and house cleaning.

So I will take this opportunity to say Happy Holidays to everyone in blog-land. I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday with friends and family.

Here is one last Christmas card. An all PTI Christmas card.


Julie Masse said...

Hang in there Molly!! I think we're due for more on Wednesday!! I'm just thankful we have power and I don't have to go out yet!! :) Great card too!! :) Stay warm!

whoistracy said...

Molly, this is a gorgeous card! You're making me wish I had bought that set.

I feel for you- we must have gotten about two feet of snow Sunday night into Monday. And there's more on the way tonight. I think I'm ready to move to Aruba.

Tracey said...

beautiful Molly!

Merry Christmas!!! :) we got about 10-12 over the whole weekend...that sure was a wallop of a start to the winter weather!! :)

Hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays!!!