Thursday, July 17, 2008

No cards to share yet today. I have a wedding card that has got me stumped right now. Just waiting for the moment to come along where the card kind of jumps out of me. Yea, been waiting a while for that now and still hasn't happened. Hopefully soon because the wedding is on Saturday. Plenty of time.... famous last words of a procrastinator.

But I do have a couple of photos I took of a cool little butterfly in my backyard yesterday. I took these during a break from tearing apart a porch that we are going to replace with a patio.
I'm not great with the photography thing but I have fun trying. This little guy was enjoying my bee balm flowers so much he could have cared less if I was there snapping photos. Enjoy your day.


Curt in Carmel said...

Love your photos! Love that puppy face too! The butterfly photos are beautiful! Best, Curt

Melissa Bickford said...

Those butterflies are beautiful, Molly! Great pictures!

From one procrastinator to another...good luck with your wedding card! I'm sure you'll create something fabulous! ;-)