Friday, April 4, 2008

What goes around...

will get to you eventually. Yes the Yuck bug has hit our house. Actually it should be almost gone. Tyler had it for two weeks, Jason and I have had it for all of this week. Finally starting to feel a bit better now. Hopefully Jordan doesn't get it. Every April we all get sick. Oh well, it is nothing serious anyway. A lot of people around here have been getting pneumonia and other really bad stuff from this bug. Just bad colds here thankfully.

So I did make a card a couple of days back, but the cold took over and I never got a photo. Now I can't find the card. I've got a Riley and Sopie card in the works but just need to get it finished. Maybe after a nap.

I did want to let you know about a very cool website that I am constantly on (it is on right now). It has nothing to do with stamping but it is super cool. National Geographic has a web cam set up at a pond in Botswana, Africa. It runs 24 hours a day and manually controlled during the day. They have extended the viewing season this year, so I'm not sure when or if it will end.
You can see all kinds of wonderful African animals and birds. There is even a crocodile, Fatty, that lives in the pond. It is a great site for kids too. There are cards that you can print that teach all about the animals you are likely to see. I leave it up all the time, running in the back ground, just for the noises. The bird noises are great. And the sunsets are amazing, getting close to that time now. I hope you check it out.
This link should take you right to the camera page.

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