Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It isn't the stamp's fault!

Warning... Ugly Card Alert!!!
These PTI Polka Dots are out of control! I might like it though... I think, maybe, not really sure!
I started with a base of aqua mist and stamped it with versa mark with the smallest polka dots in the set. Don't know why I didn't use the aqua mist ink too but oh well. The flower stems are stamped from the Women of Life set in spring moss.
I used my cuttlebug to cut the flowers out and then used the smallest polka dots to stamp on them with brown. They are attached with 3D dots. I think the flowers are my favorite part and the only reason that this card did not hit the scrap pile.

The Happy Mother's Day sentiment is also from the Women of Life set. There is another version of this card as well. Not sure which one is the lesser of two uglies. (Sorry this photo stinks. I forgot to edit it before posting. OOPS! ) The only difference is that I stamped Mom on this one and left off the top ribbon. Honestly it is the same card. The top ribbon is hiding the Mom on the top card. :)
If you have any ideas, besides toss it and forget about, it let me know.
Every item used here was from PTI except the Cuttlebug punch, Versa Mark and Versa Magic Ink and 3D dots.


Carolyn King said...

I do not think this is UGLY at ALL....it is very pretty in fact. If you want to see an ugly card---I can show you a few!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

WHAT!??! You are crazy!! This is gorgeous! I love it. My birthday is in November....you can send it to me then! LOLOL!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

I think both of these cards are wonderful and NOT ugly. Love your flowers...they really MAKE this card.

Joan and Amy said...

This is fantastic. I love the flowers.....It is definitely NOT ugly!!!! Joan