Saturday, November 21, 2009

Patterned Pines Forest

Good Morning!
I wanted to show you quick a Holiday card I made. Actually I made a bunch of these! Wicked quick and easy!

This one uses Patterned Pines, Christmas Punch (both are hostess sets) and Four the Holidays (from the Holiday Mini). See the ribbon? Yup, it is another color of the taffeta ribbon that I am in love with.

We are off to a frozen turkey hunt at the Botanical Gardens. What the heck is a frozen turkey hunt you ask?! Well, all over the gardens are hidden apples with numbers on them. You collect as many apples as you can and then return them to the visitor center to see what you have won. You can collect almost an entire Thanksgiving feast, including the turkey and fixings for a pumpkin pie just for walking around the trails at the gardens. And it is a beautiful day as a bonus so why not?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Karen said...

Love this design Molly. Your cards are always so clean looking! Love your designs!

Amanda said...

Looking great! Signed up another one for your class on 1/16 - hope people don't wait too long!

iron-hold said...

check also my blogs.. the latest storeis are inspiring.. i will add another new story today. im sure you will like it.. Godbless you

Dream Chymecindy said...

Nice post! Love your blog.

The Pursuit of Stampin'ess said...

Dear Molly. I awarded you with 2 fun Awards. The Trendy Blog Award and the Sun shine Award. For having such a great blog with awesome instructions and all those simple and elegant designs.. Enjoy.

You can read more about them on my blog:

I guess you can forward them to 10 other blogs that inspire you! :) No pressure!

Take care, Pauline