Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little Post It folder for SOA

This little notebook was part of a challenge over at Stampin' Out Alzheimers. What a great thing Jen Tapler has put together! SOA has already raised over $5000 for the Alzheimer's Association! Don't let that stop you from donating though, you can do it right over there ----->. Even if you don't want to take part in all of the amazing stamping and scrapping stuff going on over at SOA you can still donate to this amazing cause. So get going... make a donation and then come back here to see my little notebook..... I'll wait.......

So like I said this was a challenge by Whiff of Joy to create a post it note holder. I happened to see the challenge this morning before work, had 30 minutes to spare, a pre-stamped image and a tiny bit of clear space on my desk, LOL! I started coloring and was almost late for work. Oops! I stole a large pink post it pad from work, shhhh! Hey, I needed it to match my project and I didn't have any pink ones. The holder is made from chipboard so that it might withstand the beating it will recieve in my purse. The little tab wraps around and has a magnetic closure under the button to keep it closed.

I have such a hard time making my 3-D stuff look finished. I'm still trying to add things to this to make it look more polished. I tried adding the word NOTES somewhere but just hated everything I tried. It was amazing for me just to get it done to a point where I like it at all and look.. more pattern paper! I am on a roll!

Please donate to Stampin Out Alzheimers if you can and don't forget to feed the dogs..... --------->


Julie Masse said...

Molly it's adorable!! You colored her just perfectly - truly cute cute!! :)

Pamela S. said...

Molly, I love, love, love this! What size are your Post-its?


Lisa W said...

i love the girl! what stamp is this and who puts it out?

Molly B said...

Hi Lisa, I hope you check back on here. I couln't reply to you because I didn't have your email. This image is called Willow With Flower Basket and she is from Whiff Of Joy.
Thanks for the comment.