Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Wishes

In an attempt to find my mojo I found a cute little sketch over at Papercraftplanet. I love the sketch but I think my mojo is still on the loose. Let me put it this way, tonight I cleaned the house and cooked supper so that I wouldn't have to face my stamping area!!!!!! I know, I checked to see if I had a fever and everything. Nope, I'm not sick, I've just been mojo-less for what seems like a very long time now. Somebody HELP!!!!!!

Sorry sidetracked there. So here is my card. Thought maybe I was burned out on Christmas and winter so I went for flowers and rain boots instead. Still a bit of fall in the colors.

I'm going to get a new filing cabinet tomorrow for all of my PTI and SU paper so maybe after I organize all of my stuff I will find my mojo hiding somewhere. Wish me luck!


Julie Masse said...

Molly you are so silly!! Your mojo is not hiding at all!! I always love your cards and this one is great - I love that dp and your flower colors are the perfect match and so pretty! I just got some goodies for you tonight - maybe that'll help! :) They'll be in the mail tomorrow!

Jennifer Holmes said...

Clean and cook?!? My husband would love it if I lost my mojo! But really, Molly, it looks like your mojo is right where it should be...your card is great! I have this set, and the same PP, so you just gave me a great idea!

Tracey said...

This card is just TOO cute - you may not feel like your mojo is there - but it is...I can see it! I totally know what you mean about the cooking and cleaning - I did that EXACT thing yesterday too - still not back on track...that's SO weird.

Happy day to you!