Thursday, May 15, 2008

Did you hear that?

Last night just before midnight there was that giant THUD! Yea that was me hitting the floor when Nichole announced this! What this means is that I won every piece of the new release this month. Stamps, paper, ink, ribbon, the entire release is coming to my house. I'm a lucky girl I have to tell ya! I can't wait. I will be stalking the mail for sure next week. Thank you so much Nichole and the rest of the PTI gang.

So I should be cleaning! I need to start now so that the house is close to livable for this weekend while we are gone to CKC. Can't very well ask someone to watch my kids and then leave them in filth now can I? So I'm off to cook supper and clean.


Beth said...

Yaaaay, Molly! How cool!

PS - How awesome is Manny?? I almost went to that game, too. Such is my luck! Go Sox!

Deanna said...

How awesome! Happy it was you, I know you will do great things! Can't wait to see!

Julia Aston said...

Lucky, lucky girl! did you see how many comments there were! what a wonderful prize!!