Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A isn't for Fox

"A isn't for box;

it isn't for fox.

A is for ants that

crawl over your socks."

I have to let you know about a great children's book.
A isn't for Fox was written by a friend of mine, Wendy Ulmer. This book is fantastic. It is one of those books that you will not get tired of reading to your children no matter how many times they ask. The illustrations are awesome too. Wendy has a new blog with her book signing dates. You can also contact my friend Amanda at her Quilt Shop for more information.


Lauren (mytime) said...

How totally cool is that? Looks like a great book :D My kids would love it. Off to Border's

Davis Family said...

Thanks for the book tip. I bought it! We are book hogs here. I am inemscloset on PTI.
www.inemscloset.blogspot.com is my craft blog. YAY YOU!